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Under the California Workplace Religious Freedom Act of 2012 (WRFA), it is illegal to discriminate against a person in the workplace based on their religious beliefs or practices. Although California employers can deny requests for reasonable religious accommodations, they must first objectively prove that making such accommodations would constitute a “significant difficulty or expense.”

At Azadegan Law Group, APC, our top-notch legal team is committed to using our extensive knowledge of the law to represent individuals of all backgrounds who have experienced discrimination in the workplace because of their faith. We proudly help employees of all backgrounds fight against employers who have refused to accommodate their religious beliefs and practices.

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What Is Considered Religious Discrimination?

Religious discrimination occurs when a person or group of people are treated differently in their employment due to their religion. From denying an applicant a fair opportunity to firing an employee who reports harassment or discrimination arising from their religion, common examples of religious discrimination in the workplace include:

  • Firing an employee because they ask for a day-off to practice or observe a religious holiday
  • Preventing an employee from wearing religious attire, such as head coverings
  • Imposing extra or different work requirements on an employee because of their religious beliefs or practices
  • Refusing to hire an applicant because they don't practice the same religion as the employer
  • Excluding a job applicant because they have a name associated with a particular religion
  • Placing a worker in a role that has minimal contact with the public due to the worker’s religious clothing
  • Refusing to allow and/or provide a quiet space for the employee to pray

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Do you believe your religious freedom has been limited or attacked by your employer? Do you feel like work has become a hostile environment since people found out which religion you practice? If so, please reach out to the Azadegan Law Group so our legal professionals can become familiar with the details of your case and provide reliable legal support each step of the way.

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